Thursday, March 31, 2005

Happy Hippy

This is in response to the comment made/question asked on yesterday's page: What is the inspiration behind the name Happy Hippy?

Happy Hippy Productions is the name of my multimedia creative company (i.e. me). The work I do comes under the name Happy Hippy Productions. You can read the essence of what Happy Hippy is about in the side bar to the right (profile).

When I left my job in advertising in 1999 and embarked upon my independent creative path, I did so because I felt that life is too long (not short) to be doing something that doesn't mean much to me, doesn't make me feel happy, doesn't allow me to be creatively free ... and that I should be doing what I like/love - creating with a sense of freedom and deeper purpose ... i.e. what makes me happy. That's where the "Happy" part comes from.

The "Hippy" part comes from the fact that if I am doing what I love then I will be at peace ... and PEACE and LOVE are Hippyish things. In addition to which Peace & Love are two aspects of life that I would like to see flourishing around us ... so by extension, Happy Hippy is about injecting those (and similar) qualities into the work I do - whether individually or in collaboration.

Hippy also fits in to the fact that I don't like the idea of being confined to an office or to one form of creation or one method of achieving a desired result ... and somehow "Hippy" has that nomadic, free-spirited, flexible sound to it that indicates that my "office" can be wherever it needs to be on any given day (indoors or outdoors) ... and that I can be involved in whatever form of creation I need to be at any given time (writing, music, photography, videography, conceptualisation, etc.) ... and that I am free to work on diverse and seemingly unrelated projects either alone or with different people from one moment to the next.

Plus I just like how Happy and Hippy sound together.

Happy Hippy's "tagline"/statement/declaration is NOW IS WOW (as in HAPPY HIPPY PRODUCTIONS: Now is Wow). I've used Now is Wow as the name of this site (see top of page).

Other famous taglines:
NIKE. Just do it.
SPRITE. Obey your thirst.

Now is Wow is both:
(i) a philosophy - i.e. live in the present moment; there is no better time than the present; etc.
(ii) an indication of how Happy Hippy creates (Now: instantly, spontaneously; in time for deadlines whenever there are any, etc.) and what you receive as a result (a "product" or experience that makes you say or feel Wow!)

I could go on ... but that explains it in a nutshell.

And, as a result of all of the above, sometimes my friends refer to me as Happy Hippy, so I use that as my signature here.

- Happy Hippy -


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Merci...Happy Hippy.

question the moment!

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