Friday, February 25, 2005

The Portal Evolves ...

Actually the Portal does an absolute about turn and, for the first time, becomes somewhat "chatty". I don't know why I first started this "blog". Maybe curiosity? ... a Sri Lankan film maker I had met in England at the Commonwealth Awards Ceremony had sent me a link to a blog he and his associates/peers were setting up to update everyone on the after-effects of the tsunami and their efforts to assist their country and people. It was on the Blogger site ... and I found myself afterwards looking to see what this blogging thing was all about ... then, because it looked simple enough, I decided to try one for myself. It was partly curiosity and partly realising that it could be a good forum down the line to "do something with" creatively for Happy Hippy.

I started it on 8th January 2005, which was the 4th anniversary of my no smoking -no alcohol-no coffee status. So maybe more than curiosity, starting this was also a subconscious celebration of rebirth.

In the beginning was: What is the Colour of your Soul?

Another early entry comes to mind now ... one that basically says that if you don't say what something is, then it can be anything or everything. That's why I've never said what this is - but just left it open, as a "daily evolving Creative Portal" ...

It can be anything when I/you* least expect it.

* Who are you? (Interesting - and funny - to address "you" who, on any given day, could be one person, two people, thousands or none).

- Happy Hippy -


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