Friday, April 01, 2005


Since I explained "Happy Hippy" yesterday, I'll continue along those lines and go into the meaning of the symbol on the upper right corner of this page (circle with dot in the middle).

This recurring symbol/signature which I use on my work is my tattoo (left Achille's heel, received spontaneously 08-07-2000). I often sit with my left leg resting on my right knee - and in that position I used to sometimes doodle that symbol on my Achille's heel if I had a pen in my hand. One day (08-07-2000) I was driving down the road and got the sudden feeling to make the symbol permanent in that spot. So I drove to the tattoo parlour and within minutes it was done.

To me it was/is a symbol of many things: God, strength, stillness, finding my centre and being centered in the midst of "everything". It is protection and fortitude in the sense that it represents Strength and Power being placed on a spot that is considered to be weak (the Achille's heel). I also see it as a seed planted in the "earth" (i.e. at the bottom of myself) and I am the plant that grows up from it. It also stands as the signature of God as an artist/creator, with me as the "work of art". When I sign my art with that symbol or embody it in something I have created, it's a similar thing.

So those are the things it meant to me before I subsequently found out that it is an ancient symbol for the Sun, as well as a symbol for the Archangel Michael (in Qabalistic mysticism), Hydrogen (in Dalton’s 19th century chemistry), the creative spark of divine consciousness/the self as co-creator of the world (in esoteric astrology), the desire to live and the individual’s life energy (astrological psychology), the heart, blood system and backbone … and many other interesting things.

The tattoo, apart from being the signature I use on my work, is also the centre of the flower that forms Happy Hippy's logo:

Image hosted by
N.B. Tattoo at centre ... and Infinity symbol forming leaves and signifying constant movement, evolution and creation

- Happy Hippy –


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I always wondered about the image.Merci.

question the moment!

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