Saturday, May 28, 2005

Silent Movie

Angel in Silence,
Moving from stillness ...
The Angel: Nicola Cross
The Eye: Elspeth Duncan
The Location: Shores near the Temple in the Sea, Waterloo, Carapichaima,Trinidad, W.I.

This is a very short clip of the angel footage I shot last month. I'm just uploading it today as a test to see how video will work here and if people can access it. Keep in mind that when saved for the net, video generally loses some quality, so you may find it a bit blurry or fuzzy in parts - unlike the clarity of the original.
I won't be putting up fully edited video pieces with sound, etc., yet.
I will do so when I can save it closer to the quality of the original without being too massive a file. It takes long for some viewers to download large files. Does anyone have problems opening this one?
- Happy Hippy -


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