Sunday, June 12, 2005

20 things about "this"

1. Yesterday was the 5-months anniversary of my starting this blog.
2. I started on a 'whim' on January 8th (my 4th year anniversary - as of this year - of quitting smoking).
3. Didn't think it would evolve to this extent. Don't know where it is going.
4. (Ditto) I have been evolving along with it. Don't know where I am going.
5. The other day I noticed how effortless it has been to be committed to upating it daily (expcept for the one or two days that I have been away/not near to an internet-ready computer).
6. There is always something to say and always something to put even if it's just one word.
7. Even nothing is something.
8. In the beginning I liked the idea of random people stumbling upon it and finding something that would lift their day, make them say/feel "Wow", make them feel encouraged or inspired, make them think, make them do, make them ask, make them say ...
9. I don't know how many people visit this "Creative Portal".
10. I wonder how they came to it
11. I wonder if what they find makes them come back
12. It has given me a new dimension
13. It has helped me to realise the power of this medium as a tool for getting messages and creative content out to a potentially large number of people.
14. I don't know how many people read this
15. I value the comments that have been made
16. I value the e-mails that have been sent
17. I value the people (local) who didn't write e-mails or comments but saw me in person and said they enjoy it for whatever reason(s)
18. I value the people who have been moved
19. As simple as it may seem, if I had not been doing this every morning when I wake up, the course of my life would have been different in some way ...
20. I, as much as anyone else, do not know what this will be tomorrow, but I look forward to whatever it will become.

- Happy Hippy -


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