Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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"Since I was a tree
I had music in me
(words my guitar must say)
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(Photo: Marlon Rousse - taken when I had shaved my hair low a while back. Used as front cover of INFINITE CD)
The other night, driving home with friends, we were talking about music and guitars and I was making the comment that for each guitar one picks up, there is a different feel and therefore different inspiration and music comes from it. That's where the thought came from about what my guitar says. I have wondered about it in the past ... the fact that the wood of my guitar was once part of a tree.
Which tree?
What winds blew through its leaves?
It's ironic that "Anonymous" mentioned my CDs and CD Baby/towerrecords in a comment yesterday, since it was just yesterday that I put a new page on my Happy Hippy Projects site, featuring three of my (four) CDs: HERE ...
Still a work in progress putting this up. When I have time, I will put another clip or two from the Manzanilla CD, put clips from Moving Pictures and one or two more from Infinite ... and will upload jacket and clips from the "Elaine" CD.
Also, for some bizarre and unfortunate reason, Paypal is not available for Trinidad, so the CDs can't be purchased by credit card (... but there must be another such way which I don't know about right now). I've never personally sold CDs online before, but I would imagine it's a similar procedure to selling photographs. So ... as it is currently, when you click to order, you get my Yahoo e-mail address through which you can request a CD, give a mailing address to which you want it sent and I will provide you with details of where to send the bank draft. Upon receipt of the draft, the CD is/CDs are sent.
In time I will find a way to refine this process.
But for now, this will work.
- Happy Hippy -


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