Monday, July 25, 2005

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Thanks to all. We've reached 100 ... and there will always be many more good things to experience, whether written or not. See here
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Title Shot
from the photo-fiction series of my 2004 exhibition
I am in the process of archiving (on line) some of my past exhibitions.
Click here to visit the page that will give you a small taste of my solo interactive photography exhibition, Waiting for Elaine, held in April last year (2004) in the Gallery of the National Museum. (If for some reason you can't access the link there, scroll down a bit and look to the left under LINKS: Happy Hippy Projects. Click there and in the left sidebar you will see Waiting for Elaine under Video Projects. Click on that to access). It won't give you the fullness and feel of the real experience ... but you can still have a browse and get an overview.
Most of the black & white photos that were in the W.F.E. exhibit can be found here. I have since given the photos names (as you will see on the online archive). But in the exhibition I simply named them as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. ... all the way to the final "chapter": The Cosmic Conclusion.


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