Saturday, October 08, 2005

The day before tomorrow

Today is my last day in TO.
Leaving tomorrow on an early a.m. flight ... after three weeks of simple, wonderful and spontaneous experiences. After days of weather that felt like summer, I finally got the weather I was longing for on my whole trip - temperatures dropped. A birthday gift from the Cosmic One. Not that the warmer weather wasn't nice - it had its place and purpose. Yesterday was colder, grey and rainy. Whilst some may find this annoying, it was actually the best weather to have that day. The weather shapes the day and its activities when plans are not fixed and can be moulded accordingly. Once dressed properly, grey skies and rain can be enjoyable.
7 October 2005 was a day of amazing discoveries.
Thank You.
Tomorrow at this time I will be in the air, heading home.


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