Saturday, October 01, 2005

So far ...

1. Daily labyrinth walks
2. Yoga classes
3. Food (e.g. pancakes at Futures, Panini sandwiches at Urban Annex, Thai veggie burgers at Fresh, warm up frozen dinners at Tracey's, fruit, trailmix, Maltesers, Strawberry flavoured Tropicana Twist, home cooked)
4. Cinema
5. Visiting art galleries
6. Picnics
7. Visiting friends and family
8. Lots and lots of walking from point A to point B to point C ...
9. Riding trams, buses and subways
10. Minimal shopping (may do more)
11. First Nation People's drum, chant and dance session (and got invited to Pow Wow for today)
12. Taking a few photographs
13. A few video shots for music video
14. Sitting on balcony watching city
15. Sleep
16. Writing little poems
17. Being aware of the senses
18. Played games (Scrabble, Question game, cards)
19. Dressed warmly, sometimes not
20. It




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