Monday, September 12, 2005

The Wonderful One Dollar Sale

The other day I was thinking that $100 seems like so much less these days. Soon after I break it to buy something, it seems to disappear. Then a few days ago I was buying fruit and veg in the fruit & veg stall on Southern Main Road and I overherad a woman telling the man who was hanging up fruit: "Boy, dese days a $20 come like a $1!"
Yesterday I had a "Wonderful One Dollar Sale". It was a sale based on items I had put together during a spontaneous clean-out some time last week. I sent out an e-mail invitation featuring some photos of a few of the items and invited friends to come and buy (every item was one dollar): books, CDs, cassettes, miscellaneous items (pool cue, candles, candle holders, etc.) I had the sale down in the garden under the sapodilla tree (everything laid out on blankets and wraps); there was cooler with ice, a container of fruit punch, some cups and snacks. It was somewhat like a picnic (the dogs took over the blankets though, thinking they had been laid out for them. Pippa even guarded the pack of Cheez Stix, growling at anyone who tried to venture near. Navid got bitten twice upon arrival). Anyway, I made exactly $50, which is not bad at all. I will use it to buy two rolls of film.
This morning when I remembered the woman saying that $20 is now like $1, I thought that yesterday's Wonderful One Dollar Sale had brought back some power to the dollar. It was wonderful seeing people walking away with books, music, etc. that they liked, knowing that each item had only been a dollar. Reminded me of older people saying that groceries once used to cost 15 cents.


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