Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gifts that can never be bought

Yesterday I had a completely free day, so I decided to go shopping and get my Christmas shopping 'out of the way'. My friend who'd come in the night before came along with me. It was fun (the liming part) but somewhat futile in the shopping sense. The malls (not our cup of tea, but they were easiest in terms of avoiding traffic) were not as crowded as anticipated, but they all had generally the same kinds of expensive, generic, pointless, unimpressive gift choices. By the time night fell, we could not believe we had spent the entire day (since mid morning) on the road and shopping ... and still had not purchased an iota of the desired total.

My Christmas list is very long on paper, but the gifts I will buy are few. I've decided to just buy gifts for my parents and two sisters and the three main children in my life (my nephew, my godson and my ex roommate-good-friend's daughter, Julia). I'm giving all of my friends the same thing. It's very simple, flat, light (in weight) and partly hand made ... and it's something which, if they 'do it' properly, will give them exactly what they dream of ... the gifts no-one could ever buy for them.


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