Monday, May 21, 2007

Abracadabra Moosey Habra!

Photo by J

(Canada Chronicles continued ...)

Yesterday I went walking in High Park with J and her dog Dusty. As soon as we found a place to settle in the grass ... voila! (Abracadabra Moosey Habra!) J pulled an amazing surprise picnic out of her bag: sliced Julie mango, Havarti herbal cheese, crackers, mixed salad, wholewheat pita, two dips for the vegetables (celery, carrots and cauliflower) ... and a matching set of plates, knives, forks and napkins. Dessert was pink wota and magic bubblegum with two flavours which gave us the power of laughter and the unique ability to communicate with llamas, bison, spotted deer and peacocks.

The weather station on TV says it is 6 degrees celsius today. Apparently that's cold for this time of year ... but at least it's sunny and clear. Today will definitely be another Abracadabra Moosey Habra day ... especially with my new 'gift' coming out to play!

When we were small, whenever we were doing magic (mainly me and my sister Kathryn. Can't recall if Vanessa used to do it with us) ... we would wave our hands in the air and exclaim: "Abracadabra Moosey Habraaaaaaaaaa!" to make the magic work. I don't know where we got the Moosey Habra from (I guess we made it up because it rhymed) ... but I think it gives magic a whole other dimension, from the power of childhood.

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