Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rainy rush hour

(Canada chronicles continued ...)

The woman on the weather channel has mentioned so many different kinds of weather within the past two or three minutes: "golf sized hail" in one part of Canada, 15 cm snow in another, bright 25 degree celsius sunshine in another and here, rain, dropped temperatures (13 C) and 'seasonal weather for the rest of the week.' I guess 'seasonal weather' means rain. Phew ... for my trusty army raincoat which I've had since 1990, my waterproof hiking sneakers and my Scarf a la J which has been keeping my potential sore throat warm.

This morning I'm heading out early ... leaving at 7 a.m. to get to the office for 9. I doubt it will take that long (normally takes 45 mins - 1 hour), but better safe that sorry. Never know what delays there could be: trains for some reason taking long to come, potential 'signal failures' resulting in aborted trains and incomprehensible messages over the TTC PA system telling us which bus to take instead, etc.

Today PD (camera), Jeff (production), Ayol (sound) and I (Dir) are going to interview Muhtadi at his home (we're due to arrive for 11 a.m.) and then, in the afternoon - evening, to film and interview at a youth class he teaches. Looking at the weather, it's a good thing all of this will be happening indoors.



Blogger Shivonne said...

Spec we're missing you :( But sounds like a great project that you're working on. And golf ball-sized hail ain't got nuttin on you trooper lol

4:09 PM  

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