Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brief explanation of removal

I decided to remove the post I wrote earlier, commenting on the comments on this post. Not because anything was wrong with the post, but because I'm fed up of hearing about the E word and the P word (elections and politics) and in that split second I didn't even feel like having them on today's page of my blog.

When I thought about it, even though the comments were a good example of different 'vibrations', I prefer not to bring politics into my explanation of what I meant by 'changing the vibration'.



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Blogger Elspeth said...

When I first commented on it, the negating comments left by some Trinis were the only ones. I was just vexed by their attitude and fed up of the ignorance. Since then there were other comments left by Trinis that were more of a positive vibe. Of course everyone is entitled to their own view, whether pos or neg - and there are times when we are each pos or neg and everything can't always be positive, etc... but hearing so much negating and bashing all the time can get heavy. Glad I took off that post because it's not like ALL Trinis are negative and ignorant - and maybe I was making it sound so based on three comments.

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