Friday, April 22, 2005

Adventures with Angels (Pt 2)

The Angel Project continues today as I head out with Nicola (wing-maker) to shoot more spontaneous angel footage ...

ETD (Estimated Time of Departure): 10:00 a.m.
EDD (Estimated Direction of Driving): Do we head north, south, east or west? I feel either further east or south would be the best choices for today.

I still don't know exactly what this project is going to become. Thus far, from what I have edited, I see the unfolding of a beautiful, abstract, somewhat haunting tapestry of images ... seemingly disconnected ... but are they really? I believe in the creative power of random order ... Random images or words coming together in unplanned sequence, to form a story of their own.

Moving image sequences thus far ...
An Angel walks down the dirt track through a canefield ... she crouches foetus-like in the womb-shaped hollow of a massive tree, her white wings glowing against the dark bark as the sun forms a cross of light through the leaves above her ... she walks along the shoreline of the glassy ocean, looking for ... her reflection? ... another Angel? She sits in an old wooden boat, waiting ...
Where is this story going?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does your story revolve around Nicola and the wings? Or would you also incorporate other beings into this fantasy world you are creating?
Example: the image of the little girl with the wings. That image depicted poverty to me and yet with the wings on her back it showed hope. I wondered what you were looking for in that shot.

question the moment!

10:18 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

No it all doesn't evolve around Nicola and the wings. That's one aspect in itself. It just so happens that the first day we did it, she was the one wearing the wings - so she is in most of the first batch of footage I used for editing. The little girl with the wings was the only other person that day who wore the wings - we found her along the way. The idea is to get different footage with different people/differetnt situations, etc. wearing the wings. Each will have its own mood and story. Re the little girl and "what I was looking for in that shot" ... I wasn't deliberately looking for anything. I just liked the spontaneity of the moment, the innocence of the situation and the contrast of the white wings and the texture of their surroundings. What I saw in the footage afterwards was that even though she is the one with the wings, the other child also comes across as an angel. In the footage the girl with the wings was alone with the puppy ... then the other little girl wandered into the shot of her own accord and went straight for the wings and started to touch them and caress them very gently. In a way even though she was smaller, she looked so protective and caring towards "the angel". It was like a chain reaction of caring ... starting with the mother (and the simple thing she does for the winged girl at the beginning of the footage), then the winged girl and the puppy and the little girl with the winged girl ...

Yes there is hope in it, as you say. But in the context of the moving footage, other things emerge as well.

4:16 PM  

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