Monday, May 02, 2005

Multiple Choice Monday

This Monday ... the start of a great week ...

A week of ...

(a) Interesting surprises
(b) Release
(c) Things coming together in unexpected ways
(d) Movement in areas where things felt "stuck" before
(e) Silence
(f) Meaningful connection
(g) Settlements
(h) Drinking lots of water to flush out toxins
(i) Connection with Nature
(j) Ideas and action
(k) Receiving
(l) Magic
(m) Awareness of possibilities
(n) Being open to change
(o) Letting go
(p) Fun
(q) Questions ... with or without answers
(s) Thinking
(t) Giving of gifts
(u) *
(v) *
(w) *
(x) *
(y) *
(z) All of the above

* = 5 wishes

- Happy Hippy -


Anonymous malaika said...

Congrats on finally getting the website up. I actually located the site from band field and i was extremely surprised at the extent of work that has been put into it..i guess it was one of those things that was long over due.

Yours Peacefully

9:06 PM  

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