Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Washerwoman (audio clip)

This piece also falls under my Music for the Movie of your Mind genre of compositions. Unlike Love Birds, however, it also has vocals (spoken word). I have not featured the full song below - just the first minute and a half ...
Interestingly, the first time I used it in performance as a Music for the Movie of your Mind meditation, everyone who came to me after and told me what they saw, described a similar thing: basically a woman with her head wrapped in a turban (different people saw different colours for her turban). One girl said she felt much lighter after: she experienced the washerwoman unbuttoning her shirt and pulling the pain from her heart in the form of a long ribbon from her chest. One young man saw a beautiful woman in a white dress, with a white turban, walking down a dirt track to meet him by the river. Another woman felt that she was underwater and the washerwoman was cleansing her and removing seaweed from around her so that she was free to move.

Music, backing vocals, spoken word lyrics by Elspeth Duncan
Here comes the Washerwoman, walking down the road
She sees you sitting by the river with your load
She runs to meet you like the river meets the sea
She comes to wash you, to set your spirit free
Feel her run her gentle water fingers through your mind
Let her show you how to leave your heavy load behind ...
(additional lyrics/music continue with the rest of the song on the CD)
The Washerwoman CD is currently available as a single.
The album is a work in progress.

- Happy Hippy -


Anonymous koyaanisqatsi said...

i enjoyed the poetic fusion of sound and words. Do you go on tour anytime soon? and what genre would you place your music under?

11:30 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Thanks. The genre I've coined is "Music for the Movie of your Mind". Whenever I have a show/ performance or exhibition it will be announced on this site. Have not done musical performances internationally though (yet).

5:48 AM  

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