Friday, July 07, 2006

Windows galore

Suddenly I've been finding many windows:
The little one from Woodbrook ...
And another one, "over 100 years old" the man said, in St. Augustine.
Then there were many windows by the roadside
Which one future lamp owner called and told me about.
I immediately went to them.
There were about six or more, some broken.
They were large, with wide rectangular panes.
I took a short one in my car.
Then I took two large ones and put them aside,
to return later with a pick-up truck ...
All the while I was saying to myself:
"I'm not sure I feel these as much."
A friend who was with me asked me why I wouldn't take all.
"Better to take them and realise you don't want them
Than to leave them and then realise you do,"
she said.
Still, I only took those three.
If there are to be more, they will come from elsewhere.
They are forming themselves into what they will be
Before I even know.
As another friend told me yesterday:
"You could build a house."
"Yes, I could," I replied.



Blogger Webgrl said...

That old one seems very yoda esque ...wise old lamp. The wisdom lamp!

11:20 AM  
Blogger tracy j said...

i light that "house" thought.
might be spomething there... a house of light... light house [with all those lamps].

keep it live El

4:28 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Good one, TJ. I like that: house of light/light house

6:29 PM  

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