Sunday, April 15, 2007


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Shot of an old truck I discovered once when some friends and I stumbled upon an interesting woman and her house in the country.
Last night I dreamt I was competently driving a large red and black Mack truck along some narrow, unpaved country roads. I'm not sure where I was headed, but I was going there confidently. I drove to a particular point and then turned ... and suddenly there were many forks in the road and I could not remember which road I had been on.

I saw many cars heading in a particular direction and thought that it was 'the way to go', but something about it didn't feel right. I stopped and asked some men at the roadside which route would lead me back to the main road. They pointed to a road that did not look like the one I had been on, but somehow it felt right, so I trusted them and took it.

It was all unfamiliar. At some point I got to a part of the road which overlooked rolling fields. There was a house below road level at the side of the road. I parked the truck across from it (next to a rustic bar which had a few cars parked outside and a few old men sitting around) and went into the house. My recollection of what happened inside is vague now, but it contained many women of different ages - some busy, some relaxing, but all in community.

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At some point I went back out to the truck and it was not there. I looked around, wondering if I had parked it somewhere else and forgotten. It was nowhere to be seen and I was baffled that such a huge vehicle could just 'disappear'. Had it been stolen? I asked around and no-one who had seen me parking it earlier knew anything about it.

I returned to the house and opened the door to a room which, somehow, was now 'my bedroom'. It was filled with long tables - the kind you find in a small lecture hall or classroom. The room was full of women who were discussing film. One of them saw me peeping in and excitedly started going on about me as a great example, a film maker, a this, a that, talking about 'all the things she's doing' ... etc.

I closed the door and can't remember what happened after that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have Mac on your mind.

As I read your blog today I thought that it would be a good story for a film and then I came upon the end of the blog and Voila!

10:02 AM  

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