Friday, April 13, 2007


(In internet cafe)

Couldn't think of anything to write ... so I randomly clicked on my list of blog labels and got 'serendipity'. What serendipitous things have happened lately? Maybe many, but I can just think of one right now.

Just when I was thinking I should buy a laptop so that I can have convenience on my journey, my friend and old riding pal Mel called to tell me she's in town. She is a tekkie, always with some gadget. She immediately told me about her latest acquisition - a new 13" Macbook, which she is very happy with and has been advising me to get. (She was Mac, then PC, now Mac again with a PC laptop on its way out). I played around with the Macbook yesterday and found it very simple and light, easy to carry, with long battery life, etc. I ultimately would have gone for/wanted to go for a 'souped up' Pro Macbook, but budgetwise not possible now ... so may go for that one day in the future ... and for now just go for the portability, convenience and light weight of a smaller Macbook.



Anonymous Keda said...

Get de Mac and done!

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Malaika.. said...

Miss Duncan lost for words.. wow this one is really a first.You just ran across my mind..thought i drop a line.

too much exposure can cause the mind to become blurred..

12:04 AM  

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