Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Small world

(Canada chronicles continued)

Yesterday I was going downtown. I was getting on the subway at Sheppard-Young and was about to enter one door when something told me to enter another door further down to the right. I got in and it was somewhat crowded. I was prepared to stand, but when I looked down, there was an empty seat. I looked at the woman sitting next to the empty seat and our eyes connected briefly.

As I sat, she leaned forward and said: "Excuse me, but don't I know you?"

I looked into her face properly and it's then that I recognised her (Bridgette) from Trinidad. I had met her in a Reiki class once, seen her a few times after that and she is also the good friend of one of my best friend's mothers. She has been living here for 6 years, as she married a Canadian. I had seen her face when I was first sitting ... and it looked familiar, but because I didn't expect someone I know to be sitting next to me, I did not connect the dots.

We spoke about what we are doing, chatted about Canada and about Trinidad and about what a small world it is. To make it even smaller ... she asked me where I was staying. When I told her, she said: "Oh, I'm living just around the corner from you! You must give me a call."

Later, I was in a store buying something. When I got to the counter, the salesgirl asked me for my phone number (for their database). I told her it doesn't make sense me giving it to her as I will not be at that phone number after a while. She said: "You're not from here? Funny. Today a lot of people who are visiting from other countries were in the store. Where are you from?"

I told her I was from Trinidad.

She said: "Oh! My dad's from there!"

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