Friday, November 02, 2007

The time is now

Two years ago, I was offered this book to read and did not feel drawn to it. Many people have brought up the name since then and I have seen it on the shelves of countless bookstores, but never felt inclined to delve into it.

Recently Kikipotamus read it and was writing about her experiences of it on her blog. Maybe it was something she said, but I began to feel like I needed/wanted to read it now. I told myself that if I saw it somewhere I would buy it.

Today I was talking with a friend on the phone and, at the end of our conversation, something made me mention the book "The Power of Now". My friend perked up and said that just the other day someone had told her she should read it. I was going to visit her (as she had been sick for a few days) and decided that on the way I would go to a bookstore and buy a copy. My friend asked me to also buy one for her.

At the bookstore I asked the shop attendant if they had "The Power of Now". She led me to where the book was ... and there were exactly only two copies there (!) waiting for their two new owners.

So far I have only read a few pages and I am looking forward to reading the rest over the next few days. In the two years since I was first offered the book, I have learned (and will continue to learn) from the pages of life aspects of what I may have read back then in the pages of the book.

Everything in its own time and way. I guess reading it now in black and white will serve to further bring it home.



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