Saturday, November 03, 2007

What colour is your t-shirt today?

My t-shirt is white because I was doing yoga this morning and I usually wear white to do yoga. On the streets however, once you are wearing a particular colour t-shirt in these pre-election days, it means you're supporting & voting for a particular party. Even if you aren't ... that's what it means psychologically to anyone seeing you pass by. So even though my t-shirt says 'Sedona, Arizona" and has nothing to do with politics, to the onlooker, I must be voting COP, whose colour is white.

Just a while ago I drove to the hardware to buy some wire. Red t-shirts were swarming like irritating ants at the corner. PNM stalwarts preparing for their rally in Tunapuna today. Anyone wearing a red t-shirt today will be considered PNM ... especially as their ads stress: "Wear red and represent!"

Along the way I saw several orange t-shirts. Orange says UNC, whether you are or not. I met a friend at the hardware and she pointed out to me that she had on her 'neutral top'. It was a shrimp-coloured vest. "A little more orange in it and I would be UNC," she said.

In the grocery, a man was walking around shouting/singing: "Get rid of PNM. Get rid of UNC. Move wit' COP!" He was directing his statement to the woman in front of me who was wearing orange. The level of their picong made me assume they knew each other.

She shouted back at him: "Be careful you get shoot before de end of de day!"

Then she laughed and looked around at me and others to see who would laugh at her 'joke'. No-one laughed.



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