Wednesday, July 13, 2005

One thing at a time

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7:24 a.m.
This is an addition to this morning's original post which simply said: One thing at a time (with the $1 strip) ... meaning that I feel so busy these days that I'm reminding myself to do one thing at a time ... (and that it will still all get done).
Then I went to buy papers ($1 each) and walked up the road reading about bomb-related reports ... and about Tropical Storm Emily heading for Tobago.
Then I reach home to hear that it's Hurricane Emily, heading for us ...
One thing at a time.
First the bomb ...
Then a potential hurricane ...
Then ...?
As usual the feeling persists throughout TT that "God is a Trini".
Therefore "nothing can happen".
God is Universal.
The place is beginning to feel dark,
but looking outside it seems to be a normal day.
Sky a bit grey, sun peeping through, clouds very still.
By later today we will know whether Emily will indeed hit as a hurricane, die down to a storm or swerve and avoid us entirely.
$1 = change.


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