Sunday, August 21, 2005


A reader asked me these questions in a comment on this post yesterday and said that "they are five questions I am sure readers would enjoy". I will copy and paste the questions and answer them here.
Q. 1. Who would you say has been your rock or your backbone in helping you reach this far in your career?
A. God has guided me. My family and friends have supported me.
Q.2. If there was one famous artist you could meet who would it be?
A. The two people I would really have been interested in meeting are not 'artists' and are not physically present now: Joan of Arc and Jesus, both of whom I find to be interesting, inspiring and perhaps misunderstood/misrepresented in different ways, having been sifted through the pens of many writers throughout history. I would like to have heard their stories from them personally - maybe even to have seen them "at work" or "in action". In this life, an artis(e) I would like to meet would be Bjork. She is brilliantly creative, unique and unpretentious. In 'meeting' her I would want to work on something with her.
Q.3. Does your religion play a strong role in the music and art you display?
A. I was brought up in a Christian household, but I don't really subscribe to 'organised religion' as it is presented at large (although I am not against it or against those who subscribe to it). I personally find aspects of it to be used in hypocritical and judgmental ways and I have found that the separate religions have the potential to cause division rather than unity, prejudice rather than acceptance and understanding. I have my own understanding of God and I use the term 'spirituality', which I find to be more all embracing. I would say God/spirituality plays a strong role in what I create because I am not separate from God and I move according to how my Spirit moves me.
Q.4. List one thing you would want to accomplish before you depart from this world?
A. My purpose.
Q.5. You have kept your personal life/relationship off of the there a special someone that you spend alot of time with? or are you too busy with your career that you don't have time to get involve with anyone?Explain.
I have kept my 'personal' life off the blog because it did not start as the kind of blog where I would say what I did daily and talk about my relationships, personal details, etc. It started as a creative space for my work and it has evolved in that way. I suppose to some extent I present the work in a 'personal' way, but I never saw this as a forum for discussion of my life on the whole ... although many of the posts are inevitably creative abstractions of real life feelings, experiences and thoughts. However, since you asked ... "The special someone" ... There are many special people in my life ... but I know you are asking specifically whether I am single or not. I have been single for a while. However, this will change. Not being someone who needs to be in a relationship in order to feel complete, I am happy to be 'on my own' ... rather than be in something 'just for the sake of being in something'. In this time on my own, I have focused on myself and experienced growth on many levels, coming to understand more of who I am. The "special someone" will therefore experience a fuller version of me. Am I too busy with my career to get involved with anyone? Becoming involved with someone has nothing to do with the status of my career or the level of my daily activity. I am currently 'busy with my career' because it is important to me, I love what I do and, as I said above, I move where my Spirit and feelings direct me - and I have been moved to work on certain projects in recent times. The time and energy put into these projects has been available perhaps because I have not been 'involved with anyone'. (Everything happens in its own time - and I have also grown to understand and trust this). The one I will become 'involved' with will understand that my creative expression is an important part of my life and will fit in effortlessly to that - perhaps even share it. I would not be able to be 'involved' on that level with someone who does not understand, support or allow this to be possible. Is there a special someone that I spend my time with? I currently spend my time with myself, my immediate family, close friends and my animals.
P.S. Normally I change the post in the morning when I wake up, but I was unable to do so today because it's been a 'busy' day. Only now getting around to it. So, maybe I'll leave this up for another day to make up for it.


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