Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mother Nature

Yesterday a friend of mine commented on yesterday's post, saying that what struck her most "was the word hospital amidst the sentiments of beauty." In other words, a place where people go when they are 'sick' or 'dying' is the place where many women go to have their children. The word hospital had not struck me in the same way, but she brought it up and I understand fully what she is saying. In the video, Delana is completely immersed in Nature - so Mother to a Child goes two ways: D to her child ... and Mother Nature to her.
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A river scene in the video
When we were shooting, there was a part where D had to sit at the base of a large tree for a sequence of shots. My neighbour, Kitran (who had come along to assist), said jokingly at that moment: "Look, just don't have the baby now ..." (in a field 'in the middle of nowhere'). But what if? Maybe more hospitals (in fact more institutions and buildings on the whole) should follow the guidelines of Mother Nature.


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