Friday, December 02, 2005

Weather Reports

Seems like I've been giving weather reports since being here: cold, wet, windy. The get-dark-early has me feeling as though it's much later than it actually is. I don't mind that feature (getting dark early), but it makes me feel to sleep more.
The project officially begins tomorrow (Saturday) with our visit to the first school. Rose and I went walking today, our cameras each loaded with a roll of 36 exposure 100 ASA to take random shots which we will present to the students tomorrow ... somewhat like clues to lead them towards the creation of their video piece. She has gone to collect the prints and will be back soon ... so we'll sit and see what we got and take it from there. At this point it's all very spontaneous and egg-like. The actually process is yet to hatch.
Speaking of 100ASA ... this morning it was pouring with rain and very grey, so we decided it was more like a 400ASA day. But then just as the rain stopped the sun came out and it became a 100ASA day again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharing the past experiences:

1.your rule of not spending $10 dollar bills still apply when you are on your Trips or do u say what is equal to $10TT i wouldn't spend?

2.what items do you like to collect as memoirs whenever you travel the world?

3.Do/Did the host or you identify your self as Elspeth Duncan CEO of HAPPY HIPPY PRODUCTIONS to the students?

4.What kind of feedback do/did the students give you seeing that you are not English or a citizen?

5.Last has anyone of the students ever asked you where Trinidad is located?

5:22 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

1. No, I've only applied this 'rule' to when I'm in TT (with $10TT bills). I considered doing it here with £10 bills, but that's a bit much, so decided not to).
2. I don't really collect things anymore. I suppose I 'collect' photographs that I take.
3. When I was introducing myself I mentioned that I have my own company called Happy Hippy Productions.
4 & 5. With this batch, no feedback, really. Out of the six of them, one knew about Trinidad as a result of the recent 1 - 0 victory against Bahrain. I suppose I haven't really been a good ambassador - I didn't bring anything from Trinidad like maps, etc. to show them. Ooops. May try to rectify that somehow ...

6:10 AM  

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