Saturday, November 26, 2005

Light & Night (experimental video)

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Sonja Dumas, dancer/choreographer, in an image from the video
This experimental video is a spontaneous collaboration between
Elspeth Duncan (video) and Sonja Dumas (movement).

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Another still from the video
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was drawn in to the had me longing ..wanting to know more ...wanting to see what was going to happen next.

I love it ...every part...the bluriness, the sound... the voice...the limited use of words..the effects really moved me...i watched it over and over again. trying to see the deeper meaning to it.

1.Did you do the voice over?....cause i think it is you.
2. How did you and miss Dumas decided to do this collaboration?
3. What is the meaning behind the piece?
4. Why would you define this piece as being experimental?
5. How long did you and miss Dumas spend before deciding to do this piece?

4:16 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

1. I am the voice asking the random (unplanned) questions. Sonja gave random unplanned answers to those questions.
2. I found something on the net ( which called for a camera person and dancer to collaborate and come up with a piece entitled "Light and Night" for submission. I asked Sonja if she was interested and we did this piece - but in the end we did not end up submitting - and I believe the deadline has passed.
3. Whatever you get from it is what it means. It was a spontaneous and unplanned piece with no predetermined meaning. When I 'look' for a meaning I see it as enlightenment ... a light in the dark revealing what was previously unknown or unseen. Questions from 'nowhere' being answered differently by each viewer. But I prefer to leave it for each person to see what he/she sees in it - rather than try to give it an explanation.
4. Experimenting with light, movement, shadows and sound. We set out not knowing what we were going to do. I suspended a silver piece of sheet metal behind Sonja's head, locked down the camera and moved the light as she moved spontaneously. The 'music' in the second part of the video: I beat out a rhythm using the morse code for the letters of the word LIGHT on my drum then reversed that rhythm (suggesting that the opposite of light could be night).
5. Did not take long. We just decided to do it via e-mail, then we met one evening with the props (light, sheet metal, drum, camera, etc.)and within an hour or two in a dark room we had shot the footage, then I took about two hours to edit it the next day.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.O .... Wicked...

9:29 AM  

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