Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This evening I will be boarding beloved BWee and jetting off to:
Primary destination -(video project): London, England
Secondary destination (post-project pleasure): Zurich, Switzerland
I will be gone from 29 November (today) to 31 December (last day of the year), but will be updating the blog as often as possible, maybe even daily ... so stay tuned.

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Some of you may remember the Participatory Video project I was involved in (as one of two facilitators) earlier this year (in association with the British Council). The reason I'll be going to London is to join Rose to work on Part 2 of the project (even though it's more like play, because it's very enjoyable) ... with schools from the London area this time. Whereas the TT leg of the project was stretched over a month, the London leg will be an intense 2 weeks, taking us up to the 17th of December - after which everyone will sign off from the project and tune into the holiday season.
For those who weren't reading the blog when the TT leg of the project began, here's a recap:
My abstract account of the first residential weekend at Toco
Some more about the process
The completed films were launched at Movie Towne and subsequently shown on Gayelle TV
That's it for now. When I arrive at my destination and settle down, I will resume activity on Now is Wow.
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Blogger Anthony Singh said...

Elspeth hi, Im not sure how this blogger stuff works but to answer your question about my sunset photo, yes it was taken from the air. Hope your well, like your blog. Your very talented. Take care. Ant

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