Saturday, May 27, 2006

Giet of Friedship

Thanks, Attilah for reminding me of "Giet of friedship" ... one of the most notorious KC wrappers of all time. How could I have forgotten it? For those who don't understand the phrase due to the misspelling, 'Giet of friedship' is actually Gift of friendship.
Anyway, I hate to be the bearer of disappointing news ... but SK has not yet returned my call. Perhaps, as we have a long weekend ahead of us (Indian Arrival Day), many are preparing for festivities or have gone somewhere for the few days.
In the mean time, let's cool things down with a KC mint recollection that my fried ... I mean friend Glen shared with me about two days ago. (Transcribed from dictaphone).
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Glen holds up a mint he chose from my KC bag that day. The spelling of 'crazy' on this message has been amended. I seem to remember it at one point saying 'Carzy in Love'.
Glen: My first experience with KC mints was because of the line that they gave about love and so on ... And as a young teenager you know you tend to get crushes and stuff like that in school. Of course Glen couldn't talk fluently to any girl, so the KC was the medium that I used to convey a message. (Laughter). I would give this mint to this girl in particular ...
Elspeth: So you mean she would see you giving the mints?
Glen: No. Initially she didn't know where it was coming from, because I would get friends to give it to her.
Elspeth: Okay ... so every day you would give her mints?
Glen: No, not every day ... but you know, that was the first connection that was made ... with KC mints. I can't remember the exact line that was used, but I chose one ... you know, the best line. I really can't remember it, but I used that and I gave a friend to give it to her.
Elspeth: Don't tell me she ended up with the friend!
Glen: No, no ... there's a secret admirer involved here. You know? So that was the first method. But mints ... mints ... I would agree have always been a part of life in Trinidad. You know everbody has a mint. You go to a doctor's office, you know, there's a little bowl. Even my plumber on Watt's Street ... he has a bowl for his customers.
Elspeth: I like that. (Putting forth the bag of mints). Now pick one from this bag and see what you get.
Glen (pulling one out of the bag): I love you. Crazy in love. (Laughter)
Elspeth: If you pick one now ... does it mean anything now? Would you give it to somebody now?
Glen: Yeah, sure. Now I'm a lot braver, so I may not need this as a ...
Elspeth: ... a bridge.
Glen: Yeah (Laughing) But then it was the only thing I coulda think about! (Pause). I didn't get the girl though. And the guy I sent it with didn't get her either.
(Laughter from both)
If you haven't already, you can add your minty recollection(s) here


Blogger Ancient Clown said...

I have a Giet of Friedship for you. Was hoping you could visit and add your flag to my counter. I found you after viewing this "FLUTTERBY" photogallery.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

10:52 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Thank you for the giet, Ancient Clown. Fellow Fire Horse.

6:38 AM  

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