Friday, August 25, 2006

H-t-d's, w-t-d's, f-t-d's, w-r-b-d's

Yesterday on my way into Port of Spain, I was telling my friend Glen (whom I was giving a drop) about my thoughts on H-t-d's vs. W-t-d's. I agreed with his philosophy that happiness is when h-t-d's = w-t-d's. We discussed the fact that h-t-d's are not necessarily 'bad' ... and that the best way to deal with them is to either recognize the reason for them or the importance they play (e.g. in enabling w-t-d's) or find ways of enjoying them while they must be done. Can life really just be boiled down to those two basic things? H-t-d's and W-t-d's? I guess for some people, there is the reality of F-t-d's (forced-to-do) - which is a kind of extreme H-t-d - in that it's not an H-t-d that one chooses to do of one's own accord or through one's own recognition of its importance and necessity. It's severe exploitation and slavery.

My list of today's main h-t-d-'s isn't too bad. They amount to 5 things (all of which I probably will not get around to doing for one reason or the other):
1. Write eco article (which I've at least started)
2. Deposit cheques (which I didn't get around to doing yesterday)
3. Collect photos from Detta (not absolutely necessary today, though. Can be done on Monday when I go to POS).
4. Take car to mechanic (i.e. if I can even get it to start)
5. Go to Arima to do put two things in place for I DO 2

Today's list of w-t-d's is definitely a list of w-r-b-d's (would-rather-be-doing):
1. Go and see a movie
2. Go and see the play later (the only one I am actually going to do today)
3. Paint studio (since moving in, I've meant to. The white can definitely do with some whitening)
4. Relax and read a good book
5. Sleep during the day, especially if it’s raining

The w-r-b-d's all point to rest, relaxation, lack of concentrated thought and absence of creative output. I think a holiday is in order soon.


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