Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who is wild?

The four children in the first leg of the I SPY environmental video project have been having a lot of fun. They have called themselves "The Wildlife Savers". However ... by day three it is clear that the children can be wilder than wildlife itself.

Nothing has turned out 'as planned', yet life has a way of making plans of its own ... so their video is finding its own path. Today, when Plan A fell through (the zoo, to 'rescue the caged animals'), I called 'Uncle Stephen" (Broadbridge) and asked if we could come over. It was a great spontaneous alternative, as he had much of what was needed:
(i) he is a great source of information for wildlife interviews (the children interviewed him in a little bamboo 'forest' and took turns filming the interview)
(ii) he had the props the 'Wildlife Savers' wanted for their animal action sequences
(iii) he provided delicious snacks when it started to rain and we were forced to take a break
(iv) where he lives is very green and wildlifey and provided perfect backdrops (almost like being in a rainforest with all that rain)

The adventures continue tomorrow ...

(See their blog here with the first entries).



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