Friday, August 18, 2006

Instructions on how to get the mind out of a box

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2. ?????????
3. ?????????
4. ?????????
5. ?????????
6. ?????????
7. ?????????

I don't think my mind is in a box, but it feels that way lately. Not sure why. It feels constrained by something. Maybe trying to think too hard and sort out what's next with all the different things I am doing? Maybe working with others instead of just going with my own flow, so needing to think in a way that is understandable to all? Maybe because I'm working with specific structures these days: the structure we're required to use as a guide for writing a play; the structure that needs to be considered to help the children's video make sense and flow ... yet without being too 'structured' so that it still keeps its childlike essence and freshness?

I am not a structured person. I think I even have a block against the word. Yet I can be very structured when I have to be. I can see structure in my mind as a visual thing - a diagram - and I understand it that way, logically. But actually being within a structure and having to work in it makes me feel claustrophobic. Like being in an office.

However, the other day whilst working on a lamp (Serendipity, actually), the phrase popped into my mind: FREEDOM FROM ORDER. It meant two things at once:
(i) The concept of freeing oneself from order/structure in order to create without limitations
(ii) The concept that freedom comes from order. That when one has order and structure, the freedom can occur within and around it, with the order/structure being the grounding force that keeps it all together - the anchor that keeps the wild kite from floating into infinity, beyond everyone's scope of vision or comprehension.


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