Friday, November 24, 2006

Comments: Synchronicity, Forgiveness

An update: I don't have my computer (getting it back early next week), so I'm using other computers here and there. Somehow they are not allowing me to respond to comments. Something to do with the 'cookies' or settings? I don't know and I'm not going to tinker with anything. So I will respond here for now - to Kiki and 11.

Kiki, I agree with your comment about synchronicity ... not only with blogs but with everything around. Sometimes those things that jump out at us as being 'synchronous' (is that a word?) are doing so to confirm what has already resonated within us. I think the synchronicity of life is like music. If you wake up today and your body is vibrating in the key of D, then whatever else is vibrating in that key will resonate with you and be in synch. Likewise, everything and everyone that is in musical harmony with your key vibration or rhythm will be in synch(ronicity). Alternatively, dischordant things and people may feel jarring.

To 11 and your comment from yesterday: I'm certainly no "Dear Abby", but this is my two cents. I think that 'Forgiveness' is a word that defies logical and mental definition. Like 'Love'. That's why I used the example of the stone in the sea. Prior to forgiving, a person's (whether forgiver or forgivee) emotional edges can be rough and hard, poking and painful. Taking this rough stone and putting it into the sea involves the act of letting it all go, giving it up to the elements and allowing time to do what it must without human intervention. I'm not just saying this as a metaphor. If you find it hard to forgive in a particular situation, why not go to the beach, walk along it and pick up the stone that you are drawn to. Perhaps, as with the explanation above, that stone is in synch with your desire to forgive or be forgiven. Maybe you can even look at the stone and its marking and you may see your situation in it - as if Nature has etched the issue into the surface of that little rock. Put it into the sea ... however you feel to put it. You may want to pelt it, place it gently where the waves break, swim out into the deep and drop it ... or whatever other way you can think of. Then just let go, forget about it, leave it and, as the sea goes about its natural duty of smoothing the rough edges, all will be taken care of in ways that you will never be able to think of or accomplish on your own. Don't worry about Time. You may think: "Oh, but that stone will take years or decades to become smooth." Physically, yes. But Spirit time and the smoothing of 'the issue' will be different.

(If one doesn't live by the sea, just put the stone in any body of water - large or small - and leave it with the intention of doing so for it to be smoothed).

In other news, the judges still have not received the HHHA2006 nominees. I will send them this information as soon as I get back my computer. The prize Clay Quenk (made by last year's recipient, Detta Buch) has been completed and is ready to be with his (her?) new owner.


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