Sunday, January 28, 2007

Full Circle (A Rainbow update)

It's funny how flocks of pigeons fly in circles over the place they frequent.
Little Rainbow is doing a full circle of her own.
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Imagine just a little over two weeks ago, this tiny, trembling specimen came home with me ...

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The shot above shows her a few days after (she grew fast!) ... the day before I let go of her ...

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Two days ago she started flying with more confidence. Now, instead of just walking around Rosanna's apartment, she can fly short distances, from the floor to the furniture, with great excitement. This, however, means the end of her stay at Rosanna's, who does not mind cleaning up the odd droppings from the floor, but not from her furniture, now that 'the girl' (as she has fondly come to be known) is flying everywhere. The idea was for 'the girl' to be not as 'spoilt' by Rosanna. But, even though physical contact was a bit less, it is difficult, when in the presence of Rainbow, to not become attached. I warned Rosanna that she will feel the void. Later today Rainbow will be returning with me to St. Augustine ...
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Initially, she will come to my house. When unattended, she will stay in an old rabbit cage -courtesy the friend who had given me the hamster cage (which RainB is now too big to fit in comfortably). The rabbit cage is large enough for her to stretch her wings and walk around in. Every so often I will take her out and let her fly until she is a strong enough flyer to be set completely free.

From what I have been reading about how to successfully release a young pigeon, it is advisable to wait until she can fly properly (of course!) Better for her to be released in the area in which she was found. The friend with the rabbit cage lives five minutes walk from me ... and another five minutes (or less) from where Rainbow was found ... where there is a flock of pigeons. She will be released and reunited with her kindred. She will hopefully even find or be reunited with her (soul)mate. According to the articles I was reading on pigeons, once they find their mate, it is for life.

I will try the 'soft release' method, which I read about ... and I trust that all will be well.

Little Rainbow has come full circle to her original home.



Anonymous Indigo said...

Wow, I can't believe how big she grew in two weeks! I hope the release goes well.

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