Wednesday, July 04, 2007

P is for Police

Remembering this, I laughed when I came across an article in this morning's papers ... about a taxi driver who had 'stopped to urinate on a tree next to a police station', leaving his three male passengers in the car. Little did he know, the three men he had picked up were thieves. I guess they noted that his urinating position was a vulnerable one, since (according to the article), they tried to get his keys and, when he ran, chased him down, took the keys and drove off in the car. So much for urinating on a tree right next to a police station.

The other P is for Police story in the papers this morning was not funny, although the policemen involved clearly thought it was. Is this what they consider to be 'protecting and serving'?
Gay man taunted by cops gets $28,400

A 29-year-old self-confessed homosexual has been awarded $28,400 as compensation for being kept naked at a police station for over three hours while police officers ridiculed him about the size of his penis.

Judgment on behalf of the Ste Madeleine man was delivered in the San Fernando High Court yesterday by Justice Shafeyei Shah who ruled that the man's arrest on July 24, 2000 was unlawful.

The man said he and his "partner" were walking past the Princes Town Police Station around 4.30 p.m. on July 24, 2000, when two men, who later identified themselves as CID police officers, called out to him and told him to come.

"They did not give their names. Upon reaching the station's door, I was told by one of the officers that there is an officer in the station who wanted to see me.

"I entered the station and, upon reaching the area of the charge room, another male voice directed me to enter a room located to the side of the charge room."

The man said he met a police officer sitting behind a desk and was invited to sit.

"I later discovered this officer's name to be Police Constable (Curt) Teesdale. After waiting for approximately 25 minutes, I asked PC Teesdale what he wanted to see me for. He did not answer. I repeated this question about five times. I received no reply."

The man said he told Teesdale that he was leaving and attempted to leave but was followed out of the room and arrested.

The court heard that the man was led to an area where there were cells and was ordered by Teesdale to remove his clothing in the presence of another officer identified only as "a slim, light-brown officer of East Indian origin dressed in police uniform".

"I attempted to hide my nudity with my hands. I was then told by PC Teesdale to move my hands from in front of me. I removed my hands. They both looked at me and started to laugh very loud.

"They ridiculed me. PC Teesdale then said to me, 'you playing man and that small cuckoo you have' referring to the size of my penis."

The man said he was made to squat while facing the officers and was in full view of anyone passing in the corridor.

"Due to my size, I tire easily. When I became tired, I sat on a cold concrete slab. I remained in the cell from approximately 5.10 p.m. to around 8.30p.m."

The man said he was taken out of the cell and told that he was free to leave. He said he was told by the officers, who were trying to make jokes and small talk, that he was being held for an ID parade.



Blogger Kaivalya said...

That's absolutely atrocious (and makes my homophobia story seem like 'the amateur hour'). I'm glad he took this to court and found some justice.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Kikipotamus the Hobo said...

Yes, I'm SO glad he took them to court and won. Argh!

8:58 AM  

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