Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wind (video)

Collaborative music/video/spoken word project between Trinidad and Germany.

The video was created first in Trinidad and edited with 'silence' as the soundtrack. Without seeing the video, Susanne (Gary's wife) was asked to say something in English about the wind - 20 seconds in length. This narrative was sent back to me and added to the video which I then sent back to Gary in Germany. He viewed the video and composed the music, which was then sent back to me to edit into the video.

What is interesting is that Susanne had no idea that the location of shooting (Temple in the Sea, Trinidad) is a sacred site. On the shores, Hindu people are cremated outdoors on a large open-air pyre. Listen to her words. They poetically reflect what happens when 'bits' (smoke, ashes) of the cremated person are carried on the wind to the sea around the Temple.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger jen said...

wow. susanne's words, gary's music, your images.


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