Saturday, July 21, 2007

That dream plan again

Hmmm. A recurring message and/or desire. Last night's dream was clearly a continuation of yesterday's. For most of the dream I was in London, only it was Toronto, because my cousins and other people from Toronto were in the dream with me, living there. It was like having Toronto people in a London landscape.

When I was leaving Toronto/London, I went to the ticketing booth (check out) at the airport. The airport was one of those places that exists only in dreams and is familiar as a result of having been there a few times before. It has many levels and a lot of glass. I went up some levels and found the Asian girl who would be dealing with my tickets. She looked at my date of departure and said "You are not supposed to be leaving today. You have more time here."

But because the date that was on the ticket was in big red figures and was standing out, I had thought that it was my date of departure. I did not see the fine print. Nevertheless, I told her I would still leave on this plane. Someone (in real life) had been saying yesterday that 'everything happens for a reason' and that phrase came back to me in the dream as I stood in the dream airport. There happened to be a seat for me on that flight, so I left on the big red date, knowing that I had seen it that way for a valid reason.

I don't know why I keep dreaming London and Toronto together, but definitely things are happening on that (dream) plane. Maybe there's also something to do with London, ONtario?

Could also be because I have not yet put away my suitcase since returning from Toronto. It was against the wall in my room, then I had moved it to another spot and just a day or two ago I moved it to the centre of the room where it is sitting with a scarf and sweater on it, really just procrastinating about putting it on top of the upstairs cupboard where suitcases are. It looks like I am about to go again.

(Just realised the headline of this post is supposed to say: "That dream plane again", but I will leave the typo).

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