Friday, August 31, 2007


Behind the scenes of "I SPY Things in My Garden" ...
(Photos taken by Rosanna)
Christon looks fixedly into the LCD screen of the video camera.
Why did the chicken cross the storyboard?
Two members of the film crew hang around during a break
Soon I will have a special little launch for the children (age 7 - 10) who worked on the I SPY documentaries so that they and their parents can see all four episodes and I can present each child with his/her own copy of the DVD. I just need to fix a date and get things in order.

Four children worked on I SPY Wildlife (only these children so far have seen their work).
Four children worked on I SPY Trees.
The whole 4H Club from Cunapo St. Francis RC School worked on the I SPY Recycling episode.
The nine children of the Gunsam/Joseph family worked on I SPY Things in My Garden.

So, if all of them can make it ... in all there could\ be about almost 40 children and their parents!

I think the experience will make the children feel important. Not only will they be seeing themselves on screen with footage that they shot themselves, but they will also be getting interviewed by the media and will be on TV. I imagine most of them will be shy ... but it will be a whole new adventure.

Their I SPY documentaries will also be shown daily in the kids slot at the TTIFF 2007 (Trinidad and Tobago International Film Festival) in September. How exciting for them. They get to tell all of their friends that their documentaries are showing in Movie Towne!

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