Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tyler needs a loving home

The informational piece below was written by a friend of mine who unfortunately has to part with her beloved dog Tyler. She sent it to me along with two photos, hoping that someone loving will be able to give Tyler a good home. Those of us with pets know how hard this must be. If you know of anyone who is worthy of Tyler, let me know and I will give you the relevant contact information.

Tyler is a little over two years old. She grew up in the TTSPCA Tobago and somehow made it over to Trinidad at the beginning of the year. At TTSPCA POS, she was well loved for her personality. She really hated being caged there even though that's what she knew and developed the ability to climb out of her enclosure. Once in a yard however she does not feel the need to practice this art. She is warm and loving, never bit anyone while there (or by me) and would reach out through the bars to passers by and beg to be petted. She loves to stand on her hind legs and hug you and whenever I leave or return to my house the whole neighbourhood knows because of all the respective complaining or welcoming noises she makes. When I took her I really hadn't counted on doing as much traveling as it seems I will be doing very soon. In short, she will not get the attention she craves and deserves. Ideally I think she would be best suited to an older person who wants a loving companion. She is just that. She is a devoted dog. Oh, by the way I guess she can best be described as a 'pothound'. Things like breed don't seem important somehow when you are dealing with people who really love dogs.



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