Monday, September 03, 2007

Returning to the Source

A few days ago Mala, my neighbour down the road and I were chatting and she was saying that she wished I would start back teaching yoga, as she missed it. I agreed.

This Sunday (yesterday) we had a class on her wide, roomy porch. Well, even though I was guiding the session, I didn't look at it as 'a class' ... but more like a shared yoga experience. There were five of us: me, Mala, her daughter Clarisse, Debbie (a friend from Chaguanas) and Mitreya (Mitra?), a young woman who is here on a Fullbright (staying with Mala). Since three of those present were completely new to it, I kept it simple. We began with the opening mantras, went into the breathing techniques (breath of fire and long deep breathing), went through a series of warm up exercises to get the energy flowing, then ended gently with the Ra Ma Da Sa healing meditation.

Afterwards, we all felt so relaxed, tingly and renewed ... and decided we would do yoga together every Sunday As Mala said, it was good to remember how great it feels. I myself was so zoned out (or zoned in) that I knew I could only go to sleep when I got home. That I did ... and had amazing dreams!

Sat nam.



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