Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My new face

Jason would be proud.
(I got to bring my mask home)
The other day my friend Nisha, an esthetician, asked me if I would be one of her models (yesterday) for day two of a beauty demonstration at the Marriott. A new line of natural herbal facial products from France (if I am correct) was being launched/tested by estheticians here. I was put to lie on a massage bed and covered in saffron-coloured blankets. There were several other beds in the room with other female models on them - each with her own esthetician standing at her head (to work on the face using the products).

I'm probably getting the names of the products wrong, but basically this was it: First I experienced a herbal alpha hydroxy (?) deep peel. Various cool, creamy, great-smelling substances were lathered and pasted onto my face, either with Nisha's fingers/hands or with paintbrushes. Nish also gives a great head and face massage while doing it, so I was getting a double treat. Or rather ... a triple treat, since during the break between treatments she brought me freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (hot out of the oven).

After all of that I experienced the deep hydration of the hemp products. My face was coated with this hot paste which, when dry and cool, hardened into the mask you see above. Some women (estheticians) at a table next to my bed made me laugh and the mask cracked ... (I guess this is where the phrase 'to crack up' comes from). Anyway, if you know how cooling it feels to put cucumbers on your eyes ... that mask treatment felt like having cucumbers on my whole face, soaking in deeply and filling the cells with moisture. It was really refreshing and hydrating!

While lying on the bed I got the chance to parler un peu avec one of the representatives who is from France. Quite timely, as I was on my way to French class after the facial.

To cut the story short ... afterwards my face was glowing and radiant and I definitely felt as though the products had seeped deeply into my cells, hydrating them. Perhaps it was Nisha's healing fingers and the massage of my third eye and crown, but my whole spirit also felt hydrated as I drove home.

If you want a facial that gives you not only a new face but a radiant spirit, Nish is the woman to go to ... and those new herbal products are worth a try!



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