Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Long time since I've written in French. I think my mind was thinking more fran├žais in the beginning (au debut) and has started to get a little rusty as of late. J'ai besoin de practicer beaucoup!

Final written exams next Wednesday. Final aural exams the Monday after.

Christmas party on 8th December and we are supposed to do something as a class. One woman has offered to show slides and talk about her trip to Tunisi (in French). I was supposed to meet an hour early yesterday with two women from the class, to discuss what we could do ... but they never turned up. Quel domage. It would be great if the class could do something, but I don't think anyone is really keen.

Last night was thinking I could do a (very) short film in French ... or a French video-poem ... but didn't want to mention it in case expectations are raised and then I end up not having time to do it.

If I have time I will.



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