Monday, November 19, 2007

New levels of horror = new levels of numbness

Every morning I go for a walk, buy papers and read them as I walk back home. I've mastered the art of doing this and not bumping into lamp posts, cars, people and potholes full of water (although I did squelch into a fresh dog deposit the other morning). Sometimes I wonder why I bother to read the papers, though. It's like looking at the worst horror movie (worst because it's 'real')... blocking your eyes yet still peeping through your fingers to see the scariest parts.

The other morning as I read the gory description of the 20-year old woman's head being chopped in two and her mouth practically being hacked off by her 'man'/father of her child (for whom she was trying to get a restraining order), I stopped in my tracks, gasped out loud and my face twisted into a horrible grimace. I could not look any further. He brutally hacked her in front of her 3 year old daughter.

This gruesome murder followed a day or two after another woman's 'estranged' man attempted to chop her to death (she escaped) ... and murdered her 23-year old lover. He chopped the man to death, chopped off his penis, scalped his head, gouged out his eyes and dumped his body in a deserted pond in Santa Cruz. He gave himself in about two days after and there was a photo of him smiling in the papers.

These horror crimes by 'estranged' male lovers give new meaning to the term 'jealousy kills'.

This morning the front page of the papers featured another gruesome killing of two men. One paper gives a glimpse of one decomposed body being removed from the trunk of a car ... while the frozen-in-shock faces of female relatives look on.

There was a time when seeing the photo of a dead body on the street inspired shock and horror. Then, sadly, we 'get used to it' as a nation ... Then the nature of the murders will climb to new, more gruesome levels and we will grimace and cry out in horror once again ... until we get further numbed out as we continue hearing or reading about people being scalped and chopped to death in front of 3 year olds.

I have lost count of the amount of murders (a record amount) that have occurred post-elections. There has not been a word from the Government or the Minister of Security on this upsurge. Ooops! I forgot they were in Salybia on a week-long retreat and busy power-walking every morning before dawn.



Blogger Lynn said...

I had to stop reading this when I got to the beginning of the second woman nearly being killed. Dear G-d...good reasons for not reading papers, but what awful things some people do to others. How can we even call them "people"? Monsters is more like it. Sad and sick. Sick and sad.

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