Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here comes the rain again ...

(St. Lucia log cont'd ...)A St. Lucian puddle
Most people would be upset if they came all the way to beachy St. Lucia and it kept raining. It basically rained all day yesterday (my third day here) and it rains every night and early in the morning, with strong winds. I don't mind. In fact I love it. The rain is cool, soothing and inspires hibernation, which I must need, judging from how good it feels to be doing absolutely nothing (... except for reading, sleeping, talking with Mel, snacking, eating, writing, thinking, unwinding, watching movies or just being still and processing myself and life as another year winds to a close). It feels great to be completely unhurried, to have no plans and to not care whether we do anything or not for the day.

The day floats by
In wind
And falls to night
In rain

One thing we say we must do, though, is the Rain Forest Canopy Zip Line Adventure: over the heart of the rain forest, "zipping along 500 ft lengths of cable at heights ranging from 30 ft to 50 ft". That height may not seem like much, but as Mel and I both have a 'fear' of heights, it is an ideal way for us to embrace it.

... And what is 'fear' anyway? Here is one of what-must-be-millions-of definitions, which I find simple and insightful: Fear is always a sign of strain, arising when what you want conflicts with what you do. (A Course in Miracles, p. 29).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Elspeth, thanks for thelink yousent me..I think that you live in a rather WOW location yourself!!I will have to look up on the map where it is exactly! hope its not raining now!!?

krissie - from message in a bottle blog.

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