Thursday, January 10, 2008

Until further notice ... use telepathy

My footsteps, Toco
Dear All,

I will be taking a break from technology for an indefinite period of time. Satya, my laptop, is currently being diagnosed (an unexpected ailment). Thankfully her hard drive is intact but the exact nature of the problem is not yet clear. Please send her good vibes as the experts examine and work on her.

In her absence I don't think I will be going to internet cafes, etc. to update my blog, check e-mail, etc. I've already told my clients and my friends who e-mail me regularly that if they need me they should call me or use telepathy.

With my home phone also not working and TSTT nowhere in sight, my only form of man-made communication is the cellular phone. And even that ... lately some people are calling and not getting through - and when they leave voice mail messages, I am getting them a day or two later, if at all. So, unless you are telepathic, reaching me may not be as easy as it usually is.

I see this as the Universe's way of telling me to not depend on man-made forms of communication for now and to use the time to tune in more deeply and regularly to communication with my Self and the Divine. This must all be a part of the Universe's 2008 plan to get me to trust it more.

While I enjoy blogging daily and will miss it, being without technology can be freeing and enlightening. It is interesting to note what we focus on, return to and rediscover when we go 'back to nature'.

Not sure exactly when I will be back but I will be.

Take care and enjoy your experiences.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For whenever you return...just want to let you know that I'm now in Trinidad, in St. Augustine! ;-) Look forward to eventually getting to meet you! :-)


8:11 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

Sat here thinking what I might be doing if I wasn't sitting here thinking checking on everyones blogs and blogging myself...
Might be a good idea to blog bi weekly for a while and find out.
See ya when you return.
Loved the huge foot print.

10:23 PM  

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