Friday, January 04, 2008

Eleven platforms of my life

As I described before ... on the zip line adventure there were eleven wooden platforms high up in trees throughout the forest - for us to zip from one to the next (on cables strung through the trees).

Yesterday, as I gave more thought to my willingness to remain-open-and-patient-and-be-surprised-by-the-Universe, I felt that just ‘being open’ is not enough. For the Universal energy to work on my behalf I need to work with it. So, in keeping with my 2008 zip line metaphor, I used the eleven platforms as a template and identified eleven areas of my life as portals through which the Universal energy can flow. This does not limit or constrain the openness of the experience or the vastness of the energy/potential. It grounds it and gives direction and focus. “Ask and you will receive,” as the saying goes.

These are my eleven platforms (in no particular order, since all are important):

1. Self
2. Spirit/Spirituality
3. Love Life
4. Relationships (friends/family)
5. Career
6. Creativity
7. Geographical Location (travel/abode)
8. Recreation/Social Life
9. Learning
10. Finances
11. Health/Exercise

Further to making the list, I added details for each platform. As time goes on I may refine and adjust these details. ‘Remaining open to surprises’ means that, having outlined details for each category the way I see it … I will not dwell on them, wonder if or how they can be achieved or think that what I have written is an absolute. I am letting go, being open and trusting that:
(i) the Universe is already moving in its mysterious ways to manifest these platforms in ways that are best for me and my happiness – ways that may even be unknown to or unimagined by me
(ii) I do not need to worry. As with the zip line, everything is organized, my guides are with me and I can safely let go and enjoy the ride.



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