Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I now realise the value of having a 'personal assistant' (aka secretary). Things are really busy - not only with Veronica's House matters, but work coming in. I am thinking: "How will I do all of these things?" I am trying to compartmentalise my mind, structure my time, balance my life ... not wanting to get swept away by one thing and neglect the other things and, in the process, myself.

My friend Keshia is here from Miami for a week and has been helping me. Yesterday, as I answered a ton-load of e-mails and did other work things, she attended to Veronica's House matters. She made calls to the various organisations who had held meetings re the House, following up to see where they had reached in their planning, etc. I felt a load slip from my shoulders as she handled it. She is a pro at making calls like that, having done hours of community service in the States at one point. Her voice is gentle and friendly and she knows exactly what to say in those kinds of phonecalls, takes notes, phone numbers, reports back to me efficiently, etc. In other words, I can trust her with eyes closed to do what needs to be done. However, she is only here for a week! I need to have someone like that as my personal assistant on an ongoing basis ... someone who can:
(i) write grammatically correct letters to organisations and companies when necessary
(ii) write proposals (that would be a great asset)
(iii) make phonecalls, speak well, record detailed information and details correctly
(iv) interact personably with people
(v) understand the creative and business worlds
(vi) think financially
(viii) get a lot of work done without me having to 'look over their shoulder'
(ix) be proactive
(x) be trusted
(xi) keep me organised (writing things in my diary, reminding me, etc.)

My real list of requirements would be more detailed, but that gives an outline. Such a person is valuable and deserves to be paid well. This will come in time.

Now I am in the process of sourcing a new assistant who will work with me on an upcoming project. I think I have found the person.

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