Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thank You ... and a final update for now

Scene from 'Invisible': Veronica and her daughter

A lot has happened since last Friday. Energy and interest continue to be generated around the mini-documentary 'Invisible: Children living with HIV/AIDS' and the cause that arose from it (the building of a home for Veronica and her children). Moved by the situation, various individuals and organisations have stepped up and made offers of support: financial, advice, media, service, materials and otherwise.
Scene from 'Invisible': Veronica giving her 4 year old daughter her medication

It is necessary to build Veronica's House within a certain time frame (by end of July). It is also necessary to recognize that 'Rome wasn't built in a day.' Now is a time when those who have offered to help will be meeting with their groups and superiors to determine what will tangibly be given or done. At some point, words will become actions and the work will begin. When that time comes, an online update will be given on Veronica's House.

Meanwhile, on behalf of Veronica and her children, we thank the following individuals and organisations for their involvement thus far.

(From 'Invisible'): "She's not the first and she won't be the last ..."

(In first-name-alphabetical order):

Angela Lee Loy
Ann Duncan
Barry 'Tiger Woods' Eligon
Camille King
Charisse Cardenas
D. Coord

Emmanuel Alleyne
Everyone who wrote Dreams

Glenford Bhagat and Afford Office Line
Greenlight Network
Hakeeb and Joanne Nandalal
Hyacinth Cross
Janine Mendes-Franco
Joanne Allong-Haynes
Kathryn Duncan
Kim Kranich
Mala Morton-Gittens
Mark JH Franco
Martin O'Brien
Mike Gutowski

Mrs. Sharma
Mrs. Sloane-Seale

Nalini Sharma
Nikola Lashley

Nisha Ojar
Nurse Reverly Downes
O'Leo Lokai
Priya Ganess-Nanton
Public donators

Brahma Kumaris/Raj Yoga Centre
Richard Defreitas

Sean Lennard
Sheldon Holder
Tanya Barnes
The Divine
The Trinidad Express/CCN TV6

The women of the Interclub

Wendy Bhagwansingh

If there is anyone whose name is not on this list but who has contributed in any way thus far to the Veronica's House initiative, the omission is not intentional. Please consider yourself thanked.

Elspeth (TT)
Katie (TO)

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