Friday, February 22, 2008

Link to 'Invisible' video online (so you can see it)

If you would like to see the 'Invisible' video online, please visit and click on the screen that says "Click to view web news". There you will see the video.

Trinidad Express TV came to the screening on Friday and, after being moved by Veronica's story, they have been offering a lot of support. One of the things which they kindly offered to do is put the video online (I think it is up until Sunday).

Many people have been moved by this cause and many have come forward with offers of assistance (financial and otherwise). What started off as Katie and I working on a video and then highlighting the cause that arose from it is daily blossoming into something which will benefit so many lives - not only those of Veronica and her children. It is also exposing people who are kind, caring, helpful and giving. It is showing a world of hope and love rather than a world of despair.

Thank you on behalf of all involved. (Names will be listed in time).



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